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When the Four Essential(S) are implemented well and fully into the culture of an organization in a mutually inclusive rather than mutually exclusive manner, it is a can’t miss scenario not only for the year ahead but also for the life of the enterprise.

As President, I was struggling to drive execution because in addition to lacking a process to do so, we had not ever properly planned where we were going. KPS worked with me and our leadership team to define our core foundational data (Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Annual Initiatives), instituted agreed performance agreements with everyone, implemented the KeyneLink virtual tool to ensure proper communication on agreed performance metrics, and devised a shared earnings plan tied to both our individual and team performance. Our company is now growing, our people are actively engaged, and I have become a true CEO and servant leader through this training and development. I would highly recommend KPS to entrepreneurs who are committed to take their business to the next level.

Darryl Santa, President, Alpha And Omega

What we especially like about the Keyne link system is how it integrates Mission, Vision, Values, Corporate Initiatives and team accountability into one environment. Based on what we have learned from the structure of the system we have entirely changed our business planning process to focus around the common initiatives entered into the system. It has been extremely helpful in ensuring that our management team is focused on the key areas and working towards common goals.

John Krummell, President, Advance Storage Products

In our 75th year of operation, I am thrilled that we have a clear vision of where our ministry is going, a confirmed and re-enforced ministry philosophy and purpose, core values that drive our culture day to day, and realistic annual initiatives that our amazing staff have agreed and are excited to execute. As the new Executive Director, I feel so blessed to have worked with KPS in serving this amazing ministry and honoring the Lord by creating an environment of positive communication, agreed accountability, and unparalleled achievement.

Gary Wingerd, Executive Director, Forest Home

In 2011, our company achieved record sales of $25 million, but was “out of control” from a number of strategic, operational, and human resource perspectives and my personal work/rest balance was severely tested.

We partnered with Jim due to his character and successful career as an executive/owner in the aerospace industry, as well as having heard great things about Kingdom Partner Solutions, the business consulting firm he founded in 2010.  We felt his uniquely impactful process for collaborative strategic growth planning and, most importantly, the execution management roadmap to follow could help guide us into the future.

The results have been beyond our wildest dreams…having now grown organically 220% to over $80 million in profitable revenue since working with Jim. I currently have only three direct reports and can concentrate on future business development. Our mission driven leadership team is laser focused on our agreed goals, everyone aligned with our strategic initiatives as we streak towards our company vision.

My life as a CEO, husband, and father has never been better and I have Kingdom Partner Solutions to thank.

Tony Gregory, President , Custom Goods, LLC