Life & Executive Level Coaching

Why does my life seem so out of balance?

What has kept me from getting my organization to where it should be?

Kingdom Partner Solutions, LLC founder and CEO Jim Eaton provides one-on-one advisory meetings with the CEO/Owner/Senior Executive(s) of client organizations. These meetings are designed for the client representative to discuss current issues or concerns, with Mr. Eaton sharing his extensive knowledge and experience in order to maximize the client representative’s personal and professional development, strategic execution, servant leadership capabilities, and stewardship of the organization’s human and financial capital. The foundation behind Mr. Eaton’s services is his 30-year executive management career which he sums up in his Seven C’s for a successful business and a significant lifeCharacter, Chemistry, Customer, Cash, Communication, Community and Christ – with discussion and prayerful attention paid to the client representative’s balance of faith, family, and fitness with their professional and social responsibilities.

Board Director Level Participation & Change Management

Today more than ever, small to middle-market organizations are owned, operated, and lead by their founders, family members of founders, or long-tenured senior executives. These fearless leaders often find themselves “on an island” when making key strategic decisions due to a reluctance to change among leadership, no board of directors or outside peer group, and typically an inadequate succession planning and management development process.

Mr. Eaton offers coaching specific to managing change for individuals as well as leadership teams and Board of Directors of client organizations. In specific cases, Mr. Eaton avails himself to serve on his client organization’s Board of Directors, as well as, serve as interim COO/CEO in the event of sudden required changes in key management personnel.